What is Lucky Patcher App? Everything You Need To Know

What is Lucky Patcher? Practices like hacking, piracy and cracking applications have come as a part and parcel of advancement in technology. Cracking of applications is a widespread problem, especially in Android devices and most of the methods used to put brakes on such high levels of piracy have simply resulted in futile efforts. This article discusses about a similar tool called the Lucky Patcher App. While Lucky Patcher Apk is not exactly used to crack applications but it is loaded with features that are used to manipulate the applications in such a way that it becomes much more useful to the user besides being illegal.

Lucky Patcher App

What does Lucky Patcher App do?

When you download the Lucky Patcher Apk Download on your device, it will make an analysis of all the applications that are installed on your device and then prompt the actions that can be carried out accordingly. These will include:

  • Remove the license verification: license verification is available in a number of applications and it is used to download them from Google Play Store so these can work.
  • Its can be used to make modifications in the associated permissions granted in the application.
  • It can be used to unlock the paid applications so that they can be installed on other devices as well, which is not possible otherwise.
  • used to extract the apk files of the applications so their backups can be taken.
  • It can be used to remove Google ads, which is an illicit action otherwise.

What are the prerequisites for using Lucky Patcher?

There is no list of requirements to be fulfilled before you install Lucky Patcher on your device. The only requirement to be able to use it is to have a rooted device. And rooting a device is an easy task and does not require a special skill. You can simply use tools such as Towel Root or King Root for the purpose of rooting your device.

Once Lucky Patcher is install on the device and is run, the first action that takes place is that you will get the list of application that are install in your device. Alongside each application, an action is mentione that can be performe with them. Apart from this, a color code is also mentioned on the title; this indicates the compatibility of the tool in performing the operations. For instance,

  • Green: This means that the app can be registere and disconnect from Google Play.
  • Yellow: Has a particular patch available
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads
  • Purple: A system startup app
  • Orange: A system app
  • Red: Cannot be modifie

There is much more to Lucky Patcher App than just this; it offers a lot of information about every application which can be highly useful for the users. The tool can also help you know whether the application is original or it has been modifie, an important thing to know before you download any application.

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